SIRIO EQUIPMENT is an Italian manufacturer of tyre service and workshop equipment for car and commercial vehicles with a wide range of products including tyre changers, wheel balancers, wheel aligners, lifts and test lanes.

The 26,000 sq.m. factory located in Ostellato (Ferrara, Italy) is equipped with the most advanced manufacturing technologies including laser cutting, welding robots and automatic working centers, so we can grant the development and production of premium quality equipment.

Through a network of dealers, Sirio is able to offer sales, installation, training and technical support worldwide.

Focused Products

SRS 035L – 035LI

Lifts > Double scissor lifts

SRS 035L / 3000 KG The minimum height from the floor guarantees easy and rapid positioning of the vehicle on the lift. The limited space required by the lift improves safety of the working area. SRS 035LI / 3000 KG... Read More

S7645 – S7645V – S7645D

Tyre Changers > Racing

AUTOMATIC TYRE CHANGERS   Tool with intergrated protection for alloy rims. Adjustable angle and rotation. Bead breaker The bead breaker opening can be adjusted to work with extreme rapidity. Jointed and shaped blade to facilitate bead breaking. Galvanised cylinder with double... Read More


Wheel Balancers > Professional

WHEEL BALANCERS WITH MICROPROCESSOR       TECHNICAL DATA Rim diameter 10” ÷ 30” 10” ÷ 26” Automatic Rim width 1.5” ÷ 22” kW Max wheel weight 70 kg Read-out accuracy 1 g Cycle time 6 sec Rotation speed (rpm) <100 Power... Read More

KLEVER 3D S300ATS - S300HP - S300S - S300

Wheel Aligners > Car 3D

LIFT LEVEL COMPENSATION Can be used on any 4 post or scissors lift. Automatic lift level compensation.     Quick clamp to the lift. Pivoting support to avoid damage with obstacles while lowering.     Exclusive 3D targets: no need... Read More

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Smontagomme a piatto senza leva Lever less chucking table tyre changer

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SIRIO S10360.15

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SIRIO S3140R Tutorial UK

Speed and profit. Modern balancing system to minimize wheel weights consumption. The first image shows 2 balancing options: - with 2 weights - with only 1 weight (Ecoweight = profit). The second page shows residual unbalance using 1 weight only

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SIRIO S3140R Tutorial IT

Risparmio e rapidità. Moderno sistema per ridurre il consumo di pesi. La prima videata indica le 2 opzioni di equilibratura: - tramite 2 pesi - mettendo un solo peso (Ecoweight = risparmio). La seconda videata indica gli squilibri residuali utilizzando un solo peso.

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Sirio 3D quick operation

3D quick operation Aligners

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SIRIO S116 30 English video

S116.30 Leverless Tyre Changer

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