Tyre Service Equipment

GR20 Wheel trolley easy lift

AUTOMATIC ADJUSTMENT OF THE HEIGHT IN RELATION TO THE LOAD THE MOST ERGONOMIC WHEEL TROLLEY TO WORK WITH! Wheel Trolley Easy Lift is our brand new invention. It is the most ergonomic variant within our... Read More

Tyre Service Equipment

WHEEL LIFT   GR80WS – 60 KG WIRELESS GR80WS is suitable for mounting and also transporting wheels. Maintenance-free lifting spindle. Drive is by a powerful electric motor with integrated safety brakes. The double battery allows... Read More


SNG 3000 l/h The nitrogen generator SNG requires only compressed air for functioning. It produces a nitrogen-enriched mixture at low costs and it allows the amortization of the device in a short time (while the... Read More


AUTOMATIC DIGITAL INFLATOR Equipped with a metal keypad to guarantee durability and resistance to wear. To achieve perfect inflation it is simply a matter of keying in the required pressure and pressing a button: the... Read More