SUPER FAST TRUCK TYRE CHANGER The S916EVO is a one-of-a-kind. It is equipped with four rollers with a unique form, positioned on the two sides of the wheel in diametrically opposite positions. With this system,... Read More


TYRE CHANGER FOR ROAD-SIDE SERVICE HYDRAULIC TILTING   Retractable truck tyre changer suitable for closed vans. Ideal for road-side tyre service, it is suitable for both truck and also for agricultural tyres. Electro-hydraulic movements. Hydraulic... Read More


TYRE CHANGER FOR ROAD-SIDE AND WORKSHOP SERVICE   Truck tyre changer for both road-side and workshop service, suitable for closed vans and/or small workshops. Controls on consolle. MINIMUM HEIGHT 330 mm (13”) MINIMUM CLAMPING Ø 90... Read More

S960EI – S960N

The operating dimensions of the clamping unit and of the head-tool carriage allow to work on the whole range of wheels, including super-single. The controls, with lever type hydraulic distributors, enable to regulate the speed... Read More

S9156.13SA – S9156.13I – S9156.13N – S9156.11N

Electrohydraulic tyre changer for trucks, agricultural and earthmoving vehicles.   S9156.13EI Controls on mobile unit S9156.11N Controls with lever type hydraulic distributors. S9156.13N Controls with lever type hydraulic distributors   MINIMUM HEIGHT MINIMUM CLAMPING Ideal... Read More


Electrohydraulic tyre changer for trucks, agricultural and earthmoving vehicles with rims between 11” and 56”. The chucking table can accommodate rims up to 43” without extensions. S10156.15N QUICK MANUAL ROTATION   Hydraulic controls on aerial... Read More

S9256.11SL – S9256.11ST

DOUBLE ROTATION SPEED   Double speed for chucking table rotation   DOUBLE SPEED MOVEMENTS   Double speed on hydraulic movement             AUTOMATIC LIFTING AUTOMATIC MOVEMENTS QUICK MANUAL ROTATION    TECHNICAL DATA... Read More

S10360.15 – S9256.15

Electrohydraulic tyre changer for trucks, agricultural and earthmoving vehicles. The dimensions and work strokes are such as to ensure maximum efficiency for the entire range of tyres. STAND-BY FUNCTION After 5 sec. the machine has... Read More