ELECTRONIC WHEEL BALANCERS WITH MICROPROCESSOR AUTOMATIC DISTANCE + DIAMETER MEASUREMENT Automatic spin when cover is lowered. The arm stores the positions for balancing correction: automatic programs for ALU S wheels. Guided rim/tyre optimisation process. Pedal... Read More

S1111H – S2116

BIKE WHEEL BALANCERS   S 1111H Hand spin machine to accurately balance motorcycle and car wheels. Single launch measurement with low rotation speed. S 2116 Electronic computerised wheel balancer with high performances in terms of... Read More

S2116R – S2117R – S2118R – S2119R

WHEEL BALANCERS WITH INTERACTIVE KEYBOARD A low rotation speed balancer. Entry level model of the motorised range, the machine offers great value for money. Occupies a very limited space, it also gives professional performances. Guided... Read More

S2124R -S2124RP

WHEEL BALANCERS WITH MICROPROCESSOR The arm with weight pliers is designed for accurate and easy positioning of the weights on alloy rims and it stores the predetermined positions for balancing correction. Automatic programs for ALU... Read More