The best solution for a rational workshop:
• space saving when lift is raised
• obstacle free floor space when lift is fully lowered.
No cross rails or torsion bars between lifting platforms (for maximum accessibility in the working area).
All pivot points made with self lubricating bushings for long life.



Mechanical locking device with automatic engagement and pneumatic release, ensuring maximum safety when lift is in standing position.


Start-up pistons to minimize stress in the early stage of lifting.

Hydraulic synchronisation of the platforms, independently from the load distribution, by means of:
1) self-regulating device
2) patented start-up valve

Platform surface in ribbed anti-slip steel plate.







DUO-Twin lifts


Models SRS 7090-7130-7180-7250N-7330 can be twinned as follows:
a) synchronised, therefore with the two lift platforms working at the same height;
b) in single mode, therefore with the two lifts working independently with platforms at different height.


SRS 7180P – SRS 7250NP – SRS 7330P


Lifts with recess in the front of the platforms to house:
– hydraulic play detector (S718PA2)
– turning plates for wheel alignment (S718PA3)
The lift can also be supplied with both accessories (S718PA1): the turning plates are positioned on top of the play detector plates, at the same level as the platforms, to carry out wheel alignment; the turning plates are then blocked when the play detector is in use.