SR05C2 / 2700 kg
SR06C2 / 3200 kg

Lift with base for easier installation on low quality floors.

  • stabilising feet at the base of the posts;
  • width between posts 2500mm;
  • min. pad height of 95mm;
  • two stage short arms;
  • high resistance chain transmission;
  • pre-tensioned chain with safety device.



SR05C3 / 2700 kg
SR06C3 / 3200 kg

Three stage short arms, being shorter when in closed position to provide asymmetric loading of large vehicles, and longer when fully extended. Recommended for off-road vehicles.



SR06C3K / 3200 kg

Arms suitable for quick drop-in extensions and other lifting accessories.



standard-lift Automatic arm locking during lifting and automatic unlocking when the arm reaches the floor. Self-locking conical design.