Lifts with flat platforms

SERIE SRS 1350 / 3500 kg
SERIE SRS 1400 / 4200 kg
SERIE SRS 1500 / 5000 kg
SERIE SRS 1600 / 6000 kg

Lifts with large size platforms and sturdy structure assuring maximum rigidity and working stability.



Mechanical locking device with automatic engagement and pneumatic release, ensuring maximum safety when lift is in standing position.



sincro-idr Hydraulic levelling system by means of a patented synchronisation device assures constantly level lifting platforms regardless of weight distribution.



basi Base plates with levelling system for an easy installation.




Wheel alignment lifts

Platforms for total wheel alignment, with front turning plates locations and rear slip plates.


Rear slip plates with pneumatic locking in central position, angular and transversal movements in both directions. piatta




Alignment lifts with built in play detector

Plate with indented surface to prevent plate-wheel sliding.



Lifts with flat platforms with built in play detector




Recessed versions

All can be supplied for recessed installation.



Versions with wheel free lift

All can be supplied with wheel free lift.