Transmission Jacks


Heavy Duty


KE 200M: 20/15T – 1.200 mm
KE 150X: 15/15T – 1.200 mm
Hydraulic-pneumatic automatic return enables the piston to return quickly with or without load. In contrast to conventional types of pit jacks, the piston is, in effect, “pulled” back to its default position.
Hydraulic-pneumatic quick lift Enables the pistons to move rapidly up to the pick-up point.
Variable pedal-operated precision lift For fine adjustment of the pit jack on the vehicle – important for sensitive lifting as well as when installing engines etc.
The needle roller bearings on the carriage rollers allow effortless sliding of the lift.
All carriages are automatically lowered from a load of 800 kg.
Rust protection system Fully hydraulic lifting unit – with each lifting and lowering movement, the cylinder is immersed in oil on both sides of the sleeve. The piston as well as the cylinder is thus always completely immersed in oil. This means: no rust on the cylinder wall!


03_soll_fossa KE200M
Lateral adjustment





KE10: 2.000 kg
KE A23: 1.500 kg


KE A11: 600 kg
KE 32: 300 kg



A B C D E F G = C+D
KE10 670 785 985  


79 385 1903
KEa23 545 690 1250 892 82 360 2142
KE a11 545 690 983 975 82 360 1958
KE 32 350 580 1183 970 40 304 2153