Tyre Changers > Automatic Leverless

AUTO-TOUCH function

• Wheel diameter up to 45”
• Rim diameter from 10” to 30”
• Rim width up to 15”

The central rim locking system, suitable also for reverse rims (no need of any additional flange), consists of a central pin with cone.
The effort is minimal thanks to the special plate on which the wheel lays. The plate is floating, therefore offering a self-locking mechanism.

  The bead-breaking is performed by means
of two rollers:synchronized movement of toolsbead-breaking of both sides is quickly performed

The tool operated between bead and rim.
Levering on the rim, the tool pulls up the bead, minimising the stress.
Le dispositif fait levier sur la jante et soulève le talon avec un effort minime.
The bead is progressively pulled up.

Technical Data
Handled wheels from 10”-26” / 12”-28” / 14” – 30″
Weight 330 kg (338 kg IT)
Max wheel width 15″
Max wheel diam. 45″
Bead break.pow.(each arm) 1200 kg
Max torque 120 Kgm
Bead breaker mouvement automatic
Rotation Motor 1,5 Kw invemotor+0,75 Kw motor
Recommended air su pply 8 -10 bar
Power Supply 1ph, 200/265v, 50/60Hz